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Growth in Northern Albemarle County on the way

The following Charlottesville Tomorrow article outlines some of the adjustments that Albemarle County is considering as growth in the development area in the Northern part of the County continues to rise:


North Pointe Purchases Streambank Mitigation

North Pointe is happy to announce its purchase of 298 linear feet of streambank mitigation from Innisfree Village, a voluntary, non-profit community for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Through its streambank purchase, North Pointe is helping Innisfree to provide a lifesharing home and work environment for its community members and staff.

For more information on Innisfree, including volunteering information, go here:

Development Contract Awarded

Faulconer Construction Company has been awarded the contract to begin work at North Pointe's "Middle Entrance."  This entrance will be the primary access road to the community. Work began in July 2018 and will include all of the Route 29 improvements VDOT has proposed for this area and is anticipated to be complete no later than Summer 2019.

With over 80 years of site development and heavy construction experience, Faulconer Construction serves the central Virginia and the Southeast. With its headquarters located here in Charlottesville, Faulconer is the ideal company to complete this work.

Sewer Line Construction Started

Work to build the North Pointe sewer line commenced in 2017 and is expected to be complete by late 2018 or early 2019.

This gravity sewer line, located on Route 29 south, will serve not only North Pointe residents but other neighboring communities. This joint project with the Albemarle County Service Authority is part of its infastructure project and has a far-reaching benefit to the community.

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